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Fusion Shield (Medium)

 A Year-Round Specialized Lacrosse and Athletic Development Program for 6th – 11th Grade

Coaches: Kevin Crowley (MLL, NLL, Team Canada), Kevin Philibin (HC West Chester Rustin), Steven Holmes (MLL, former NLL, D Coordinator Malvern Prep), Matt McCormick (GM Malvern Prep lacrosse), Ryan Sankey (Former Cabrini Star), Luke Wiles (Former NLL All-Star), Eric Hoffman (Former NLL pro), Will Haus (MLL Duke captain), Alex Haynie (Former Princeton University Attack)

Fusion Lacrosse is a Year-Round program including Fall Training and Tournaments, Winter box Training and box Tournaments, and Summer Training and Tournaments. Our Middle School Teams also compete in NXT’s Spring Elite League on Sundays. Our mini-Camp format encourages and allows players to compete in different sports while also training for lacrosse throughout the year. 


Fusion Elite Uncommitted Player Of the Week: 2020 Attackman Stephen Blue (Souderton HS)

Previous 2019 Attackman: TJ Sims (Penncrest)

Previous 2020 F/O Man: Rowan Cabahug-Almonte (Malvern Prep)


Previous: 2018 Midfielder/FO Man: Andrew Albertson (Parkland)


FUSION ELITE COMMITTMENTS CLASS OF 2017 (Fusions First Ever class has made a tremendous showing and continuous to gain commitments!!!)

Ray Baran (2017 Defenseman): Richmond University

Alex Reber (2017 Defenseman): Swarthmore College

Dru Miller (2017 Attackamn): Quinnipiac University

Andrew Clarke (2017 Goalie): Christopher Newport University

Joey Sivo (2017 f/o man): Washington College

Logan Barlock (2017 Defenseman): Eastern University

Ryan Geroulo (2017 Midfield): New Jersey Institute of Technology

Frank Campanale (2017 Attack): Messiah University

Patrick Boyd (2017 Attack): Albright


Drew Bregman (2018 Attack): United States Military Academy (Army)



  • I took {players name} to the “program X” clinic yesterday, mainly to meet the coach and players.  There were a couple of boys that he had played with in previous years as well as some players from I was aware that {players name} had been improving with Fusion but it was truly apparent watching him compared to the other “program X” players. His stick work, passing and shooting really has improved. Although I may be a bit bias, he appeared to be the best middie in the group.

          You and your staff are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  • In addition, a major factor that enabled {Players name} to have the type of performance that he did this past weekend was largely due to the high level of instruction and coaching that he has received since joining the Fusion Elite this past fall. The level of instruction, professionalism, and experience that your coaching staff offers the kids in your program is second to none. What Fusion Lacrosse is doing to develop these kids truly remarkable. I am so honored that you selected {players name} to be a part of your team and program.
  • Your communication is excellent.  The training is great. The coaches all have a great way with the kids and your philosophy about training and lacrosse IQ is a great message. I think the fact you don’t have Dads as coaches is a huge plus for the Fusion program. Daddy ball is like kryptonite in youth travel lacrosse
  • You have surrounded yourself with a great staff, everyone seems to be on the same page. Thanks to all for all you have done.
  • Hey guys I just wanted to say how amazed and happy I am with your support in getting my boys to the Box Lax Tourney. I can honestly say those two days had some of the biggest impacts with their play for any one single event for the past many years. The skills that they had to use for the Box and then transition to Field was pretty incredible.
  • Thanks for a great first box experience for {Players name}. He learned a lot that will really help his attackmen play in field lacrosse. I had not been much of believer in the benefits of box lacrosse for field players, but after watching the last few box mini-camps and this weekend’s tourney, I’m now definitely a believer!!
  • Thank you for sending this very insightful email. I couldn’t be happier we chose Fusion and now that Fusion has chosen my son {players name} for this program.  Your philosophy is fabulous and so Inline with my beliefs. This is exactly what i want to install in my lax player and son. In just this short time his self esteem and lacrosse IQ has increased. He loves the homework assignments as well. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to the continued sessions this and next year. Keep up the fantastic work. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Having 7 kids with 6 of them playing lacrosse I really appreciate the message you are sending. There are many aspects of the game where a young person can find success.  Stick skills being paramount. Especially because not every kid develops or matures exactly the same way. Stick skill development, speed, and lacrosse IQ in most cases can even the playing field when it comes to height, size, and athleticism. Thank you again for everything your organization does for the kids. Your entire coaching and support team are just awesome!
  • {players name} has had an amazing experience and will definitely be back next year.  although not fastest player, he loves the game and I have defintely seen growth in his confidence over the past two months.  We both appreciate you and all the coaches.  Thank you and much success to all of you.
  • I was impressed with the way the mini-camp was run at Malvern over the weekend.  The boys gave immediate feedback that the coaching “was way better than “program X””.
  • I want to be clear that I do believe this to be the best coaching staff in the state (at least), and consider it a luxury to have that sort of coaching available to my son.  Please keep me posted on future activities/clinics, etc.
  • Thank you for yesterday.  {players name} walked off the field excited saying that the coaching was excellent and engaged (shockingly, his words, not mine)…way more so than in most of the actual coaching sessions (100’s I am sure at this point) he has attended.   It was quite obvious from the bleachers as well. Obviously, I don’t know where he will fall out in the end, but regardless I wanted to share that with you.




“Learn the Game INSIDE OUT!”