Shooting Angle with GoPro

Shooting Angle with GoPro


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via InsideLacrosse

This is a cool video on a lot of levels. Here at Fusion, we’ll choose to breakdown this video from a coaching prospective. One of the hardest and most important things in coaching, is to show a young player the why behind the new things he/she is learning. If a kid gets the purpose behind a skill, that player is probably more likely to practice it when the coaches aren’t looking. The concept of shooting and trusting that your stick “has eyes” (…an open net shooting angle that your own eyes can’t see…)- Now that is a difficult thing to teach. Well here we have the technology of Go-Pro to the rescue! As well as player-coach John Grant Jr, who is obviously an out of this world talent yet is always giving back to the next generation of lacrosse players. Check out this video and see the reason you can trust your sticks shooting angle. This relates 100% to outdoors, especially around the goal-line and in low shooting angle situations.


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