Our philosophy is best highlighted in how we coach, manage, and prepare our players for success on and off the field.  The curriculum and schedule is meticulously designed for an optimal player and family experience, all the while developing lacrosse skills and game understanding for success at all levels.  

Our Coaching – Fusion staff has not only played the game in college and/or professionally, but have also committed themselves to teaching and coaching the game as a major part of our careers. As player-coaches, we deliver a true understanding of the game from what we’ve learned from best high school and Division 1 colleges in the country. Importantly we continue to learn and develop from our current elite high school experiences, as well as professional playing experiences. In an ever evolving game we are at the forefront, as we are surrounded by and learning from the best coaches and athletes in the world, in our daily lives. We succeeded as players greatly in part to who we learned from, and we take pride in continuing to pass on this legacy of success on the field as players and off as leaders in the community. Our coaches are all at the top of there game and we won put anyone in front of your child that doesn’t have a death of experience and knowledge.

Our Schedule – Beginning with our carefully planned schedule and curriculum, players learn skills and tactics throughout the year and compete in local tournaments both INDOORS and OUT.  With our schedule for the year posted before day one, parents are able to plan months in advance and need not  fear a last minute email for practice times.  Furthermore, with training every other Sunday during our Fall and Winter seasons, boys are able and encouraged to play other sports and activities.  

Our Goals – We pride ourselves on setting goals for our players and working hard to achieve them. What we believe separates us in our goals for our players, is that we aim to see and develop a players potential, rather than replace a player who may be more productive at that moment. 

In our 3rd-5th grade Futures program, we are teaching the basics of lacrosse and getting players comfortable with the game.  This includes having solid stick skills, an understanding of game strategies, and experience at more than one position.  We feel this is best achieved with an eagerness to learn and an open mind to trying out positions on both ends of the field. At this age a strong foundation is built, from which players can then find their own style and niche. 

For our 6th – 8th grade Juniors teams, we now begin to hone these skills and focus our players on their chosen position. Long poles are mandatory for defensemen when playing outdoors, and offensive players begin developing strong muscle memory of proper shooting mechanics. All the while we continue to stress stick skills, proper positioning and game fundamentals. Without these, the step into a competitive varsity program is nearly impossible. A player rather turns a corner at one of our practices without being challenged or learning something new. We encourage players but never let let be satisfied to rest on their laurels. 

Our high school level Elite players are now preparing to succeed on the field both as high school and collegiate athletes. This is not accomplished overnight, but through countless hours of hard work and dedication put in over the years. Stick skills, proper positioning, a high “Lacrosse IQ”, and the will to win are cornerstones of the dominant high school player. Continuing to develop these and practicing perfection is key towards playing at the highest level.  We will help you do this. Our culture at this age is we are a TEAM. We play team lacrosse and will win playing team lacrosse and strategies that are developed throughout our practices, just as it would be in a high level high school.

“The mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” W. A. Ward

A little more about our philosophy and curriculum:

  • Fundamentals.  Starting from day one, we stress teaching fundamental positioning and strategies of the game offensively, defensively, indoors and out. Knowing that being “bigger, stronger, faster” only takes you so far, it is a must for players to learn how to succeed even when they are out matched in size. Our fundamentals are laid down early and often and bad habits do not last long with us. We are able to accelerate proper development both from our teaching but also from box lacrosse training.
  • Attention to Detail. Too often mistakes are let slide. Simply said, you play like you practice. If bad habits or mistakes aren’t corrected when they happen or addressed shortly after, players continue to do the same things wrong thinking it’s right. With up to 8 coaches on the field during training, all with sharp attention to details, nothing is missed.
  • College & Professional Level Instruction.   Many of our players have dreams of playing college lacrosse and we’ve created a curriculum that mirrors the tempo and attention to detail that a college-level coach expects.  However, we understand that lacrosse is not a complicated game and our approach will not exclude any player.  You improve your best when you work hard and have fun doing it.  Our practice plans accomplish this.
  • Implement Box Lacrosse.  This is a core aspect of Fusion Lacrosse. We use box lacrosse as a fundamental tool of player development so they can excel outdoors.  Not every clinic or instructional piece involves learning the indoor game; however, Fusion provides optional box programs year-round and we stress its importance.  We think players should train indoors just as much as out and believe this combination maximizes a player’s complete lacrosse potential and rapidly accelerates development. Many players have had success in college having grown up playing only box, or only field. At fusion we are developing players who have great experience playing BOTH.
  • Play Lacrosse, Play Other Sports! We love lacrosse. So many of our players love it too. However, it’s important for several reasons to get out and try other things. Some of the key reasons include: 1, If you only ever play lacrosse, you risk disenchantment with the sport. 2, Other sports help develop your athleticism and general athletic IQ (understanding game tempo, being able to anticipate what is coming next, etc.).  This is vital as lacrosse is truly an athlete’s sport, and the best players draw upon skills learned from other sports into their own lacrosse game.  3, Most importantly, lacrosse MUST be played with a high level of excitement and effort. Leave wanting more, come back ready to give your all. Don’t play lacrosse at half-speed because its all you ever do, thinking ‘I’ll play harder tomorrow’. This leads to our last point…
  • Practice Hard! Although we do not practice every week, when we do, we go hard. Our Mini Camps range in length from 2.5 to 3 hours, typically every other week.  This allows players time to develop all aspects of their game in high-paced, high energy training sessions that fly by. Drawing many of our drills from our own collegiate experiences, these mini camps focus on player development. Our Mini Camps are designed to have equal parts skill development with equal parts team building and strategy. This is easily accomplished in the three hour mini-camp timeline.