Player Experience.   The Fusion philosophy is best described in how we set our goals for customer experience.  Our centerpieces are reliability and care.  We care deeply about our player development, and we pride ourselves on accomplishing the goals that our players, families, and coaches set together. 

As a Fusion participant, you will:

BE MENTORED, COACHED, OR REFEREED BY AT LEAST TWO FUSION “PLAYER-COACHES”.  Fusion sees a player-coach as someone who has gained college or professional experience on the playing field, yet has also dedicated themselves to coaching.  Fusion coaches are talented teachers! This invaluable combination of player-coach is at the centerpiece of Fusion hiring.

The mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – W. A. Ward


  • Maximum repetitions.  We don’t believe that you practice for a period of time, we believe you practice for a period of repetitions.  Our practice plans maximize touches and lacrosse game movements, accelerating muscle memory and mental recognition.  Think Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s practice plans!
  • Implement box lacrosse.  This is the core of Fusion Lacrosse.  We use box lacrosse as a fundamental tool of player development so they can excel outdoors.  Not every clinic or instructional piece involves learning box lacrosse.  However, Fusion provides indoor lacrosse programming year-round and stresses its fundamental importance.  We think a player should train with indoor lacrosse 50/50 with outdoor lacrosse believing that this combination maximizes a player’s complete lacrosse potential.  [Link]
  • College & professional level instruction.   Many of our players have dreams of playing college lacrosse and we’ve created a curriculum that mirrors the tempo, and attention to detail that a college-level coach expects.  However, we understand that lacrosse is not a complicated game and our approach will not exclude any player, no matter what their skill level or goals, from competing and enjoying themselves. You improve your best when work doesn’t feel like work and you are having fun. 

Philly Fusion Experience.

Fusion Elite: Fusion Elite is unique, in that we have a small club atmosphere while also having the reach and influence that equals anyone in the industry. The smallness means among other things, that the Fusion founders are your full time coaches. We will hold each player to the highest expectation of their potential possible. We aim to reach that potential together. Our coaches are highly trained uniformly, to deliver an exceptionally demanding and challenging experience. We recruit players that will take advantage of Fusion to become their best and when they commit to our training they will have that supreme confidence. Those that will work hard will have Fusion coaches in their corner for life.


#1 An open mind and acceptance that box lacrosse is an incomparable tool to improve their game outdoors. You must believe in box lacrosse as a tool to succeed here. It is a tremendous advantage!!

#2 Commitment to practice. We practice more than most if not all other clubs and at a more demanding pace. Ultimately we are not satisfied unless our players are improving. Come to practice and work hard. Its what we do.

#3 No ego. Let your game do the talking, we will celebrate when we win and when you commit to a college. Before then it is concentrating on the next play, the next drill, and winning the game. Coincidentally, that’s what gets you noticed.