Bucksmont Box Lacrosse Instructional League Saturday mornings, Dec 3rd-February 25th (2016/2017) 9 weeks (2 weeks instruction and scrimmaging, 7 week games)


(Full Team Registrations only)

2016/2017 Divisions:



*5th/6th combined 

(Photo: Action from a game between the Bucksmont North Stars and Fusion during a league game last year)
Format: 9 weeks. 2 weeks instruction followed by 7 weeks league games and final tournament
Games: 3 16 minute periods. 1 timeout per team, time serving penalties
Referee/Rulebook: USBoxla Certified referees and Rulebook
Cost: $2000 per team (additional $45 for USBoxLa insurance per player, covers for entire year)
Time: Saturday mornings between 7:30am-10:30am
Where: Bucksmont Indoor Sports Center, Hatfield Pa

Date5/6 Division2022 Division2021 Division
Dec 3rd 7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
9:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Dec 10th7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Dec 17th7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Jan 7th7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Jan 14thOff (Winter Classic)Off (Winter Classic)Off (Winter Classic)
Jan 21st7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Jan 28th7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Feb 47:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Feb 11st7:30-8:30am Turf #1 Turf #28:30-9:30am Turf #1 Turf #29:30-10:30am Turf #1 Turf #2
Feb 25thLeague ChampionshipsLeague ChampionshipsLeague Championships


2012/2013 League Highlights


 A 5/6 division and a 7/8 division competed this past winter: North Stars, Fusion, Rising Sons, WissLax, Deep Run and a host of individual signups competed and improved through box lacrosse skill training and league games.

(Photo: Rising Sons Coach Todd McFarlene preps his team before a big game against North Stars…)



What is a Fusion box “Instructional League”

(Photo: Christopher Fanelli of Deep Run awaits his next shift against Wisslax) 

Fusion Founders Kevin Crowley and Steven Holmes created the 10-week instructional box league model which designates certain weeks within the league for box practice/instruction. During these practices Fusion coaches run players through a series of high repetition drills, demo’s, stick-work stations, and conceptual drills, so players can learn how to play the box game correctly while learning new skills and maximizing repetitions. The majority of the weeks (about 8) are USBoxLa officiated league games with referees, shot clocks, and scoreboards operating as a true league ending in tournament championships.

“The last thing we want to see is the same mistakes and bad fundamentals being repeated over the entirety of a league. At Fusion, we want to see the growth of an individual no matter what the program is. We feel we accomplished this at Bucksmont and players have entered the Spring as better more confident players. We look forward to improving the model and adding teams next winter!”