Lasagna: Who is “Winning” in Early Recruiting

Lasagna: Who is “Winning” in Early Recruiting
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Article: Lasagna: Who is “Winning” in Early Recruiting

If one of our Fusion Elite players is accepted to college at an early age then we are extremely happy for that player and his family. Even at a young age if you play at a high enough level to get recruited to a top D-1 then you have shown something special. That being said, at Fusion, we train just as hard as we showcase (if not harder). It is a very safe bet that a Fusion elite player that has gone through 2-3 years of winter box training and summer training camps with us, will look a lot different his Junior year than one may have been able to predict earlier on. We know a player is in excellent hands at Fusion and coupled with quality High School coaching we will guide a player to find the right fit whether it be Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior years. So parents you are allowed to relax just a little


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